I am Keith, a wedding photographer working in Wexford. I specialise in wedding photography with the passion to photograph fashion inspired documentary wedding. I can create dream like imagery where you will look back on and remember the moments shared by you and your favourite people- the tears, the joy, the love, the dancing, the speeches and the happiness. Let a professional wedding photographer in Wexford be a storyteller of your Big Day!

Although I am based in Waterford, I also service areas across Wexford. Wexford is a beautiful part of Ireland. It has a lot to offer and always makes for a beautiful natural backdrop for the weddings I shoot there. Be it the coastal views, or the fields of green, it has it all. With some breathtaking wedding venues in Wexford, such as Horetown House, Seafield’s Hotel and the Brandon Hotel it is a place I love to come back to. Check out some of my shoots in Seafield’s Hotel, and Brandon Hotel!




Professional photography is an important part of every wedding since it documents everything that happens on the big day. While the flowers, décor, and dress will be kept after the wedding, your wedding images will be kept in your possession for a long time to remember you in every aspect of the day. Here are a few reasons why you should employ a professional wedding photographer in Wexford like me to commemorate your special day rather than a friend or an amateur.


A professional is knowledgeable about their field


Intimately versed with the subtleties of a wedding day, a trained Professional Wedding Photographer in Wexford. I know when to show up, how to photograph, what to look for at important moments, and what looks nice and what doesn’t. I can also adjust to changing lighting and weather conditions. Knowing that your memories are being kept by a professional puts you at ease, which allows you to fully immerse yourself in your wedding day and celebrate with the people you love.


You desire high-resolution photographs of your wedding day


Your long-awaited Wexford wedding is approaching, and you want everything to go smoothly for you and your soon-to-be husband. I’ve put in a lot of time practising and researching wedding photography skills. You will obtain high-quality images if you hire a photographer that has spent time honing their talents and creating their style. Working with me means you’ll have someone you can depend on to assist you get the wedding photos you want.


Your wedding photographs will be cherished for a lifetime


Your wedding images will be passed down through the generations. They will be seen by future generations of your family, including your children, grandkids, and other relatives. This is just another incentive to hire a Wedding Photographer Wexford like me who understands what I’m doing to ensure your photographs are preserved for a lifetime. You want to be able to look back on your wedding day and recall every important detail, as well as having images that will not only endure a lifetime but will also include priceless memories.


My approach to wedding photography


So, a little about me and how I like to work. Photography is something that has always come naturally to me. I think that is due to my love for it. Over my 18 years of experience, I have realised that it is wedding photography where my heart lies. This is why I just focus on weddings. The emotion experienced throughout your wedding day is truly special. I want to make sure to capture this in the most natural way.

The whole way I work is aimed at creating beautiful, natural and vibrant images that have a touch of romance and wedding emotions. Adding a layer of extravagance through my lenses on your wedding day is my number one priority. Not artificially done, not making people look unnatural or not overly posing, I believe in capturing authentic moments, exactly how they happen.


Tell Lasting Stories


Professional wedding photography in Wexford will immortalise the beauty of this once-in-a-lifetime occasion. Your visitors’ cellphones can do the same, but they won’t be able to tell you a cohesive story about what happened that day.


Professional photography will enable you to recall the whole day, as well as the feelings you had while making these memories. When you look at the images, you’ll be as excited as you were when you were getting ready with your bridesmaids in the morning. You’ll laugh the same laugh when you see photos of you busting up with your groomsmen.


Every visual will make sense, and you’ll have a clear understanding of what was happening at the moment. Your captivating photographs will enable you to continue your love story.


Yes, I Love my Work!


I have been incredibly lucky to be called a wedding photographer in Wexford. Throughout the years, I have worked with so many inspiring couples across diverse cultures, classes, religions and races.

As a professional wedding photographer I guide you into beautiful light and places, to get those perfect shot. It will be captured in an unobtrusive way without unnatural propor staged moments. I know every wedding is unique and no ‘one size fits all’ strategy will work. So I try to keep thing original so that I can tell your story as best as I can.

My clients are amazing, who are always up for an adventure! I pride myself on delivering the high quality experience to all my couples, equally. The creativity and diversity I’ve witnessed through this job is one of the reasons I love doing it so much!


What is it about photographs that makes them so compelling?


I’d like to talk about why I believe wedding photography is more than a luxury, as well as the role wedding photographers play in your wedding. You will want to remember your wedding day for a long time, even if it is just a few hours long. You’ll want to show it off to your friends, family, children, and grandkids.


Wedding photos are more than simply memories for you and your partner. These are photographs that will be passed down for generations.


As a result, pictures have always been important in our lives because they allow us to connect to our past. They evoke associations with people and places. They allow us to relive our feelings and share our experiences with others, above all.




Planning is an essential part of making your wedding day run smoothly and at its own pace. For this reason I like to have two meetings with the couple before the wedding day. The most important meeting is a week before your wedding day. At this meeting we discuss the schedule for your day and the photographs you’d like taken.

From support and planning ahead to a wonderful photography experience on the wedding day, a wedding photographer in Wexford confirms after ensuring the very best images for you to treasure. It’s all included in the service and sometimes I go beyond no matter what package you choose.

Whatever you envisage for a fairy tale wedding, I would love to hear all about them. I will happily be a part to photograph your wedding. So why not tell me about your ideas, I would love to be your wedding photographer!


It is said often that marriages are made in heaven. For such a heavenly affair, it is necessary to capture the right moments. Wedding photography is not just about clicking some pictures and compiling them. It has a lot more to it. It is the way of narrating a story of love and happiness and this narration has to be highly perfect and pretty. A wedding is a vow of being with each other through highs and lows. We try to capture every moment of your wedding. Not a single happy moment is missed us. This remains an account of the best day of your life which you can recollect years later. We understand the emotional connection with this very day, every couple has. We try to provide the best in that case. To all the endless laughter, love and conversations, we are right there to click it and keep for you to relive in the future. Professional wedding photographer in Wexford is no more a tough nut to crack. You will be guided to the perfect places to get the best shots. All the technical aspects are taken care of. Each and every element that is necessary to make the best out of the shoot is present here. All you have to focus on is enjoying the big day. The rest is not your headache. We ensure you capture the way you bloom on the wedding day. Weddings are an amalgamation of calm and chaos and everything in between. From pre- wedding to wedding and then the post wedding celebrations, everything stays lined up. An active photographer is a must to cope up with the hectic schedule. The frames must fit the gorgeous couples perfectly to be an ever cherishing piece of memory. Tie the knots and allow us to be a part of the wonderful day in your lives.

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