What is Your Personal Photography Style?

You may think there’s only one type of photography out there. Well, nope. To let you know, there are plenty different types of photography out there with varying subject matter, different personal techniques and equipment. It is almost a limitless complex.

“Only photograph what you love”

In the words of Tim Walker, photographers must expand their skills and broaden their outlook to develop perfection to their passion. Some do it by pursuing multiple types of photography while others concentrate on perfecting a particular style throughout their careers. A range of experience shooting different styles can identify a niche for professional or hobby photographers.

Here, we try to cover a few types of photography to get those creative juices flowing. May be you will know how it takes place or discover a true love for photography.

Abstract Photography

Abstract photography is a vast genre that is difficult to define.  Abstract photographs use light, color, shadow, texture, or form to create a feeling or impression. Pictures that typically fit into this genre of photography are not associated with a familiar object, because they are created by separating an object or natural scene in a way that removed contextual details from the image.

Black and White Photography

As the name suggest, black and white photography means capturing an image with no color. This can either be done through editing or through a camera setting. Monochrome images that use no color and minimal amounts of lighting also come under this category.

At the early days of photographic technology, all images captured either black and white. As technology advanced, color photography became prevalent, nearly neglecting the dominance of black and white genre.

Nowadays, some special moments like wedding or anniversary, black and white photography is preferred, to produce classic, timeless, and elegant shots. When shooting weddings, my aim is to ensure that a photograph pass from generations and stand the test of time, and one way to do it is to strip an image of its colour, leaving only its essential elements.

Candid Photography

Most photographs are often posed or created, with the photographer directing the shot and models. Candid photography is natural. It removes the posed aspect, with photographers taking shots of people spontaneously or by surprise. As a wedding photographer, I love to capture all those candid moments and real encounters for the Irish wedding photography I cover.

However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that people to be photographed aren’t aware that photos are being taken – consent is there. It thus mean, however, that your candid images will capture natural and authentic scenes, reactions, and facial expressions of the people in them.

Event Photography

There is a story behind every photography. Event photography tells those stories on reels. It captures guests, activities, and the gathering of weddings, anniversaries, corporate parties, birthdays, dances, awards ceremonies, conferences, live concerts, and other engagements. These shots are special in a way that they can be used for personal, sentimental value, as well as to market an event, organization, or company for professional reasons.

As you can see, there are lots of different types of photography, experiment with, be creative and perfect. Whatever may be your style, shoot what brings you pure joy and happiness in life. As a wedding photographer, my constant struggle is- “I could have, should have, what if I would have done it differently better, with this light or with that lens”. Seriously, so many ways, and none of them are right or wrong.