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Irish Wedding Photography Packages

Wedding photography is my passion and if I could do it for free I would, however I can’t at the moment so here are my wedding photography packages. I like to keep it simple and in my 18 years of photographing weddings full time I’ve learned that keeping it simple and uncomplicated is the best approach – This is your wedding day and my main aim is to plan your wedding seamlessly. In our wedding photography packages you’ll see 2 options, both start in the morning with the first one finishing as the meal starts and the other finishes after the first few dances. There are options to add on albums etc. to your package before or after your wedding.

Our Wedding Photography Packages 

At Infokus, I take special care while capturing every moment of your wedding. I tailor each wedding photography packages accordingly and as everybody’s day is unique so is the planning around your day. I like to meet my clients the week of the wedding to go over the smaller details and sketch out a plan that has your day run smooth and not over ran with set up photos – I believe in letting a wedding day take its own pace and for me this is where I see all the emotion and excitement of a wedding day. Not a single moment of the wedding gets missed, I’m there soaked into your day, silently mingling and capturing those real photos that tell the real story of your wedding day  – I would love to be the photographer at your day and record this special story that’s about to unfold. All you have to do is get in touch with me and tailor your very own wedding photography package. I will take a note of your requirements and plan everything accordingly. There is the standard base wedding photography package that includes 300 images professionally edited and presented to you via an online gallery. Full day wedding photography package is from the morning until first dance that includes 400 images professionally retouched and provided on a presentation USB and an online gallery of these images. Also, there are albums from Loxly Albums which are handmade. You can look into the brochure for a detailed knowledge about everything that we provide.

Whats Different?

I have been a full time wedding photographer for the past 18 years, Irish wedding photography packages have changed a lot over this time. I’ve not just learned about wedding photography in this time but I’ve learned how to let a wedding day run on its own pace – it’s very simple really, I plan your wedding seamlessly with you the week prior to your wedding and on your wedding day I just observe and capture your day by just soaking in and being as invisible as possible – I take 15 minutes with the wedding photos and around the same with your couple photos and soak into the rest.  All you have to focus on is enjoying your big day. I will have someone on each side of the family to help coordinate anything that pops up. It’s very important to be comfortable with your photographer as you’re going to spend most of your day with him or her – I hope your choose me to capture this special day.


The morning until Dinner Call

(includes 300 images professionally retouched and provided on a presentation USB and an online gallery of these images)


The morning until First Dance

(includes 400 images professionally retouched and provided on a presentation USB and an online gallery of these images)


(optional; paid for separately after the wedding).

Albums are from Loxly Albums (handmade). There are two different types of albums available:

Size 8×12 inches 30 pages

Size 10×14 inches 40 pages

A pair of Parents’ Albums (smaller copy of the main album): Size 5×7 inches

Please request our brochure for a detailed breakdown of our packages and albums