I am Keith, a wedding photographer working in Tipperary.

Although I am based in Waterford, I often travel to cover the Tipperary area too. It is a beautiful place I am so happy to visit. Tipperary is a gorgeous spot to choose for a wedding, so many beautiful towns from South to North Tipperary, Its unique wedding venues and spectacular scenery.

Whether your special day is a traditional Irish wedding, eco wedding or luxurious celebration at the elite venues, you can count on me to narrate the true tone of the day through the lens. You will be happy receiving a wedding album that is completely bespoke to you and your tastes.


Tipperary is definitely one of the best regions for wedding celebrations. It’s a beautiful County, full of scenic beauty, amazing landscapes, mountains and lakes. You are spoilt for choices when it comes to wedding venues- from fairy-tale castles and rustic country houses to modern, contemporary hotels and resorts. With lakes and magical mountain backdrops, Tipperary has endless locations for unique photography on your wedding day.

When it comes to planning your wedding, one of the most important decisions you will have to make is the perfect wedding style. Choosing it a bit early in the process will help you organise your wedding that feels consistent and allows your wedding to go on smoothly in a proper way. It is recommended that you choose your wedding style even before trying on a wedding dress & tasting a cake! And the other most important thing to consider is your wedding photographer.


Professional photography is an essential component of every wedding since it captures everything that occurs on the big day. While the flowers, decor, and attire will be preserved after the wedding, your wedding photographs will remain in your hands for a long time to remind you of every detail of the day. Here are a few reasons why you should hire a professional wedding photographer like me rather than a friend or an amateur to document your special day.

A professional is well-versed in their field

A qualified Professional Wedding Photographer in Tipperary intimately familiar with the intricacies of a wedding day. I understand when I should arrive, how to capture, what to look for at key moments, and what looks good and what doesn’t. I am also capable of adapting to variations in lighting and weather. Knowing that your memories are being preserved by a professional puts you at rest, and feeling at ease helps you to fully immerse yourself in your wedding day and rejoice with the people you care about.

You want high-quality photos of your wedding day

It’s your long-awaited Tipperary wedding, and you want everything to go off without a hitch for you and your soon-to-be spouse. I have spent many hours practicing and researching wedding photography abilities. Hiring a photographer who has spent time polishing their skills and developing their style ensures that you will get high-quality photos. Working with me guarantees that you have someone you can rely on to help you achieve the wedding images you desire.

Your wedding photographs will be cherished for a lifetime

Your wedding photographs will be treasured for decades and generations to come. Future generations of your family, including your children, grandchildren, and other relatives, will view them. This is even more reason to choose a Wedding Photographer Tipperary like me that knows what I’m doing to ensure your images last a lifetime. You want to be able to look back on your wedding day and remember every single critical moment, as well as have photographs that not only last a lifetime but also include treasured memories.


This is the type of service which I do with perfection, keeping things real so people looking at the images having not attended the moment would not be able to tell that they’ve been staged or retouched. The only expression from the viewer would be “Wow, they look incredible together”. I’m pleased to say as a wedding photographer in Tipperary, my clients are extremely happy with their wedding photography. Every wedding is different and I love to tell their love stories through the lens.

I have an eye for perfection, and this excellence is prominent throughout my photos. Wedding venue, the bride and the groom, guests, the cake, floral decorations, laughter, emotions and many more which never go unnoticed from my camera. I try to be real and capture only real moments so that when you look back at your wedding album you relive the moment.

Knowing I’ll be taking care of this allows you to sit back and relax, take everything in and love every minute of the day you spent planning.

Although I am a professional wedding photographer in Tipperary with the expertise to capture a good photo, your ideas are paramount to the end result. With my years of industry experience and your ideas combined, together we can create a truly special story.

Now, tell me your story and I will bring together the natural moments with relaxed portraits and beautifully photographed details.


All of your planning is for one day only: the day you marry the person you want to spend the rest of your life with, and the day you celebrate with all of your loved ones. Keep those memories close to your heart and don’t look back and regret not employing a photographer.

Remember that you only get one chance to get your wedding photos right, and the photos are the only thing you’ll have when it’s all over. Make sure you choose the most competent Professional Wedding Photographer in Tipperary to capture your special day. You’ll be glad you made the investment when you look back through your wedding album and relive those priceless moments and emotions years later.


Planning is an essential part of making your wedding day run smoothly and at its own pace. For this reason I like to have two meetings with the couple before the wedding day. The most important meeting is a week before your wedding day. At this meeting we discuss the schedule for your wedding day and the photographs you’d like taken. The type of photos taken is very specific to each couple, so I like to make sure I know exactly what you are expecting on the day, and plan for that. Take time to go through my gallery and see some of my work to date.

It is important for your story to be unique to who you are as a couple. This is why I would love to talk with you and get to know you both better. Get in touch with me today to chat about how I can fit into your day, and capture all of your special moments. For the complete pricing guide and to confirm your date, please send me an email or simply complete inquiry form here.

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