Wedding Photographer Kilkenny

Hello, I’m Keith, a wedding photographer working in Kilkenny.

Although I am based in Waterford, I work across Kilkenny too. Kilkenny is one of my favourite cities in Ireland. From the beautiful castles, to the stunning countryside, Kilkenny has it all. I have photographed many weddings in Kilkenny, in wedding venues such as The Set Theatre. I love the vibe in Kilkenny and love making the trip up from Waterford.

Wedding Photographer Kilkenny

A little bit about me…

I love photography, and always have. When I am not shooting weddings, I am out with my family, going on adventures in Ireland and abroad. However, my camera will never be too far away from me. Photography is not just my career, it is something I love and therefore is present in all aspects of my life. You can find out much more about me and how I like to shoot my weddings over in our about us section.

I would love to speak to you about how I can make your day special, memorable and stress free!! If you are planning a wedding in Kilkenny, get in touch with me today to get the ball rolling. Let’s get one item ticked off your wedding to do list!