Magic is in the air when two souls combined to one. It is this kind of fleeting moment that began the story of your love life. What would you say about repeating this moment on the most auspicious day of your life? A wedding photographer combines these moments into one amazing story, capturing things forever that you will cherish year after year.


Let me introduce myself


I’m Keith, a wedding photographer working in Kilkenny.

Although I am based in Waterford, I work across Kilkenny too. Kilkenny is one of my favourite cities in Ireland. From the beautiful castle, Kilkenny’s beautiful town, to the stunning countryside, Kilkenny has it all. I have photographed many weddings in Kilkenny, in wedding venues such as The Set Theatre, The Lyrath Hotel & Hotel Kilkenny, I love the vibe in Kilkenny and love making the trip up from Waterford.

Throughout these long years of being a professional wedding photographer in Kilkenny, I have acquired specialisation in everything from portrait shot and fashion to corporate occasions, which is why my photography service is distinctive and exclusive. I try to tell your love story with captured candid moments as they unfold on your wedding day. Whether you want stylish, dramatic, and sincere or funny, your wedding photographer in Kilkenny will help you recall your special day.




I love photography, and always have. When I am not shooting weddings, I am out with my family, going on adventures in Ireland and abroad. However, my camera will never be too far away from me. Photography is not just my career, it is something I love and therefore is present in all aspects of my life. You can find out much more about me and how I like to shoot my weddings over in our about us section.

I have been a full time wedding photographer for over 18 years and continue to develop latest methods and advanced techniques of shooting and processing images all the time to produce artistically unique, contemporary and emotive wedding photographs that will last for a lifetime. Being a perfectionist, I devote my work to attain great detail on every image making sure every element is flawlessly covered. For me, it’s not about perfectly staged scenes, it’s about exposing true and raw emotions.




Planning is an essential part of making your wedding day run smoothly and at its own pace. For this reason I like to have two meetings with the couple before the wedding day. The most important meeting is a week before your wedding day. At this meeting we discuss the schedule for your day and the photographs you’d like taken. I want to make sure your wedding day is captured exactly how you envision it. That is why I feel these meetings are essential.

If it sounds like I could be the one to photograph your special day, feel free to get in touch to discuss your wedding plans with me. I would love to speak to you about how I can make your day special, memorable and stress free! I would be more than happy to meet and discuss things with you in person, if you are planning a wedding in Kilkenny, get in touch with me today to get the ball rolling. Let’s get one item ticked off your wedding to-do list! I appreciate that the choice of wedding photographer is crucial in keeping your wedding moments alive, and it as important to me as it is to you that you know that we are a perfect fit.

For more information on the service, charges etc., please call or leave a message. I would be happy to help you!

Decide Budget before Speaking to Professional Wedding Photographer Kilkenny

If you have decided to hire a professional wedding photographer Kilkenny in your wedding, indeed it is a good decision. It is advisable to consider hiring a professional photographer as an investment rather than expenditure in your wedding. The reason is you will get the priceless photographs and wedding videos that you can cherish forever. These photographs will fresh the memories of your most important day in your life. Thus, always hire an experienced photographer for your wedding.

It is prudent to give a clear idea to a photographer that whether you want traditional or candid photography on your wedding. The basic differences between the two are as follows:

  1. The candid photography lays less focus on poses as compared to traditional photography.
  2. Only a professional wedding photographer in Kilkenny can click candid photographs in a wedding as it demands more skill, planning, experience and technical know-how. On the other hand, any person with a basic knowledge of photographs can click traditional photography.
  3. The candid wedding photography packages are more expensive than traditional packages.

A photographer will also ask your preference regarding the videography i.e. whether you want cinematic or traditional videography during wedding. The main features of the cinematic videos are as follows:

  1. These videos are spontaneous, involves storytelling and more creative also.
  2. It captures beautiful pictures of the couple and some important people surrounding them in 20-45 minutes video.
  3. It demands huge investment due to involvement of specific camera, equipment and technical know-how.

The traditional videos are the oldest forms of videos which capture every single minute of the wedding. The duration of such videos lasts for 2-3 hours and demands traditional video camera and other equipment for continuous shoot. It is less expensive than candid videography.

So, first you need to decide your budget clearly before speaking to any professional wedding photographer in Kilkenny. Once the budget is decided, it becomes easier for you to tell which kind of photographs and videos you want for your wedding.




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