Wedding Makeup Tips and Tricks by Top Makeup Artist Yvonne Maher

Yvonne Maher

In this month’s blog, makeup artist Yvonne Maher has provided some killer makeup tips and tricks which will help prepare you for your wedding day photo-shoot.

Because let’s admit it, your wedding day makeup needs to be on point.

Whether you are looking to embrace some of the latest makeup trends and emulate a runway look, or are looking for something more sophisticated and timeless, there are certain key points to bear in mind, whichever style you are going to emulate.

There points to bear in mind before applying the actual makeup, no matter if you do it yourself, have a friend do it, or hire a professional makeup artist.

Firstly, your skin needs to be at its best, which means you need to start treating it well several months before the big day. Get a facial specifically designed for your skin type a few times, invest in quality skincare, hydrate, consider fillers, and get plenty of rest. Remember, the stress will show, and you don’t want to have to cover up any major imperfections that you could simply have prevented.

Covering everything from weddings to portraits over the coming weeks this information will guide you to create a flawless look for any important event. Let’s dive in!

Wedding makeup

I have tried to put together some useful makeup tips and tricks to guide you in the right direction with your wedding makeup. Remember to stay yourself on the big day – you don’t want to be unrecognizable in your wedding photos!

Foundation and concealer

The key to finding the perfect foundation is to match your skin tone perfectly, so bear in mind that if you are having a fake tan done, the colour needs to match that. Be careful not to go too dark and always check the colour in natural daylight. You also need to make sure the foundation matches your skin type, and that it does not oxidize as time goes by, and if it does, go for a lighter shade. Take the foundation for a test run before the big day to avoid any last minute panic.

Any makeup artist will be able to tell you the way to apply foundation correctly and this will even out any blotchiness. You should go for something medium to full coverage, and make sure it is also long lasting! Apply with a beauty sponge for the best effect!

Concealer will get rid of any unwanted shadows and redness that might persist after foundation application, as despite all the beauty sleep you get in the lead up to your big day, the night before might be a different story! If you feel you need to, you can also colour correct under your eyes and in any areas where there is dullness or redness. Just make sure you blend everything seamlessly, and that you don’t cause any caking.

Your most important product is your pressed powder. It will hold your makeup and keep your skin looking flawless. It may seem like more makeup than you are used to, but remember that for photographs and all-day longevity, powder is essential to set the foundation and concealer. This may be the most important of all the makeup tips you can use on your wedding day.

You can also make your under eye area. Again, use a damp beauty sponge to apply the powder. Make sure you test the powder with photography flash. Some of the can have a white cast that will not look photograph well. As for bronzer, don’t go overboard – you want to achieve a sun kissed look, not give your face too much shadow. You should also choose the formulation of highlighter you are most comfortable with, and a shade of blush that best goes with your eye makeup.

Eyes and lips

Use plenty of mascara and make sure its water resistant, curl your lashes for a glamorous look and then apply two generous coats. I would also recommend going for individual false lashes, as it makes a huge difference. You can also choose regular falsies, but make sure you get some practice in applying them before the big day, as it can be quite a challenge the first few times.

When it comes to the eyes, don’t be afraid! It’s the one day you can go full glamorous. Make sure you use a good eyeshadow primer and good quality eyeshadow. You can find countless tutorials online about wedding makeup ideas, so try out a few, see how they look on your face shape and colouring, and choose the one that you like best.

Also make sure you leave yourself plenty of time to do your eye look, and do your eyes first, as you will not mess up any of the foundation that way.

Your eyebrows shape your face so get them professionally shaped and tinted, and if needed use a brow powder to redefine. You can also you a clear brow gel to set them in place for the entire day.

When choosing the lip colour, make sure it both matches the rest of your makeup, and the dress. This season, red will be back in style, so if you feel bold enough, you can sport a red lip on your wedding day. Also, make sure you go for a long wear formula, and apply the product correctly. Exfoliate and hydrate your lips beforehand, and apply a thin coat of lip product. Make sure you are also comfortable wearing it all day long.

Good luck brides, I’m sure if you follow these makeup tips and tricks you will be stunning. Choose the right products, take your time when applying them, and you will be ready to stun and turn all heads on your big day. (Remember makeup is also important for family photos)

By Yvonne Maher, makeup artist.