The Lyrath Hotel in Kilkenny- Irish Hospitality at Your Wedding Day

Lyrath Estate Hotel, located just outside of vibrant Kilkenny city, is the ideal wedding venue. It is impeccably clean, elegant, and effortlessly comfortable. Lyrath Estate Hotel’s heart is a stunning 17th century home that has been painstakingly renovated and extended to by a succession of elegant, modern areas to create a luxurious 5 star resort nestled in 170 acres of lush green parks and historic gardens, blending something old, something new. Lyrath Estate Hotel, a wonderful blend of old and present, provides an outstanding background for any wedding, whether conventional or contemporary.

A wedding at The Lyrath hotel in Kilkenny is a particularly special occasion, from your entrance up the main avenue, past the ancient Lyrath yew trees, which are protected by preservation orders, to the original historic home where you will meet your guests in old world elegance and grandeur. Outdoors at Lyrath Estate Hotel is the dream setting for treasured wedding photos, with rolling hills, tranquil lakes, manicured gardens, and unspoiled views, and the friendly expertise and professionalism of the dedicated wedding team at Lyrath Estate Hotel ensures that every detail of this most important day is carefully considered and perfectly delivered.

The Lyrath Estate hotel in Kilkenny is a five-star luxury hideaway that combines history with cutting-edge technology, handsome grandeur with all the conveniences of the present, great meals and wines from around the world with a true feeling of Irish hospitality, casual joy with meticulous attention to detail.

Kilkenny weddings and the Lyrath Estate

The Lyrath Estate Hotel is the ideal Kilkenny wedding location. Your wedding guests will have a once-in-a-lifetime experience thanks to the breath-taking scenery and the knowledge and professionalism of their management team and personnel. Weddings are a specialty at the Lyrath Estate Hotel Kilkenny. With superb cuisine as their trademark, you can always expect a delectable, mouth-watering experience on your wedding day. Kilkenny has the ideal wedding hotel. In the midst of rolling hills, quiet lakes, and unspoiled scenery, we as your wedding photographers can capture those pure and enchanting moments.

We’ve been to a lot of weddings in Kilkenny, and Lyrath Estate is one of our favourites. Lyrath Estate’s grand home exudes old world charm. The historic house’s façade is covered in vegetation, and as the light poured down on this gorgeous structure, we knew my camera would be in heaven, no matter which way we turned the lens.

As the bride and groom came for the cocktail reception, the arched windows and entrances nicely framed them, and the stunning gardens provided the perfect backdrop for bridal party photos.

Lyrath Hotel Estate offers some magical moments away from the crowds

It can be difficult to find a photographer who suits your aesthetic. When you hire them, you’ll want them to capture your wonderful recollections as well as the general atmosphere of the day. Expectations for each photographer may vary, since they will all have their own distinct photography style, which you should check to see if it matches your preferences. A professional can help you relive the finest day of your life by offering high-quality results tailored to your specifications.

INFOKUS WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY always encourages our brides and grooms to spend some time together on their wedding day to speak about the events of the day thus far and to enjoy some magical moments away from the crowd. Ciara and Shane went for a walk together on the Lyrath Estate grounds, and we were able to snap some great shots of them talking and laughing together. At Lyrath Estate, there are a plethora of alternatives for creating wedding day images. One of the reasons we adore this wedding venue is because of this! Around every corner, there’s a picture-perfect moment.

Capturing the couple who enjoyed every bit

We were chosen as Ciara and Shane’s lyrath estate wedding photographers because we had previously photographed Ciara’s brother’s wedding. So it’s always a privilege to be requested to photograph the family’s wedding celebrations. Among the chaos of the girls getting dressed, the family couldn’t have been more accommodating, offering us many cups of tea. In Kilkenny, Ciara looked stunning in her wedding gown, while the girls looked stunning in their blush pink gowns. Ciara was also self-assured enough to apply her own make-up on her wedding day. And she nailed it to a tee. At the Lyrath Estate in Kilkenny, Ciara and Shane were the picture of happiness as they exchanged vows and were fast to jump into party mode.

A wedding in the Lyrath Estate Kilkenny is always a special occasion, but it’s much better when you get to spend it with this lovely couple. It was a joy to photograph this gorgeous couple on their wedding day, surrounded by their loving family and friends.

Giggles and Celebrations in The Lyrath hotel in Kilkenny

The morning began in the Lyrath’s bridal room, which was beautiful and comfortable with an undercurrent of anticipation for what was to come. This is how every special day should start. You could tell it was going to be a magical occasion as the bride slid into her magnificent gown, finished the finishing touches, and made her way down to the ceremony area with her bridesmaids. Ciara had used wildflowers in her bouquet and the bridesmaids’ garlands, so it seemed only natural to capture part of their wedding photos outside in nature. The weather shone brightly for us, and Lyrath Estate’s gardens are breath-taking.

As our thoughts went to the celebration, INFOKUS WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY made our way to Lyrath Estate’s elegant function room in Kilkenny, where the drapes, centrepieces, and fresh flowers all complemented the tables finishing touches. The room was stunning! It was an honour to be a part of their day and their entire family and friends’ festivities. They were a joy to photograph because they giggled and grinned all day.


The Lyrath Estate in Kilkenny is always wonderful, but it was much more so in the summer when we photographed this lovely wedding there. It was a joy to work with the bride and groom, who were a charming, fun-loving pair. We were able to capture a terrific combination of romantic and humorous images, and everyone was smiling the entire time. From a photographer’s standpoint, it was clear that the couple’s friends and relatives were overjoyed to be present. The celebration was a huge success, with a lot of dancing and laughs. We can only hope that the bride and groom’s future is just as happy and love-filled.


Wedding Photographer with Endless Possibilities – Lyrath Hotel Kilkenny


Every time we at INFOKUS WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY get to document a couple’s love story, it reverberates and strengthens our trust in love, and staring at these newlywed couples is undoubtedly a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Nothing beats exhibiting photos that bring back memories, and having a picture-perfect wedding venue like the Lyrath Hotel in Kilkenny is the cherry on top. Lyrath Estate Hotel offers it all in one of Kilkenny’s most unique wedding venues, regardless of how classic or contemporary your wedding day is. Our photographic style includes portraits, candid photos, gorgeous silhouettes, and creative lighting. Contact us if you’re looking for passionate, timeless wedding photography that will fascinate and inspire people who see it. A wedding photographers Kilkenny dream location to photography a wedding story.