Sincerely In Love with Travel and Photography

Have you ever wondered how explorers fell in love with travelling in the first place? For me, it is one specific life-changing experience that adds a spark of love affair with traveling world and exploring the art of photography.

However cliché it may sounds, travelling is something that motivates me, and the trips I took would let me learn how adrenaline-filled, refreshing, and liberating the feeling of travel can be.This has always been woven throughout my life. And photography has always been there as my way of exploring the countries and cultures I was experiencing. While running my profession as a wedding photographer in Waterford, I honed my documentary photography skills. I learned a lot from my experiences about creating a visual story by shooting weddings.

Travel Adventures and Photography

Every place I travel to is characterised by its look, culture, history, people, feelings and stories. And I overwhelmed by this. Seeing new sight and exploring new places widens my perspective and encourages my creativity.

As a travel enthusiast what I feel is that travel opens the senses through people, food, sound, smells and sights. It awakens our imagination as we realize just how much we have limited ourselves.So, I travel for work and for fun.

This way of traveling and covering wedding photography, learning how to deal with different light situations, and handling the unexpected, will give you some good memories of your travels. It is this that help you make you a good photographer.

You probably really don’t need any prop, as it is not the additional things that determine how good a photograph is. It is you and how you show what captures your attention and how you see the world!

Waterford Weddings

Getting married in Waterford means you have the most conventional range of simple and luxury wedding venues to choose from: from fairy tale castle wedding to leafy suburban nurseries to urban cool spaces to churches. I especially love any wedding – especially one with personal connections – maybe the place you first met or went on a date. All of these offer natural and photogenic backdrops for a set of golden hour images that you will cherish for lifetime – however camera shy you are! From by travel experience, I add my personal touch of excellence that will make your photographs extra special.

Hire a Photographer

It would be certainly easier to hire any photographer, however there are something more than this involved in your decision. A professional wedding photographer with a lifetime experience of travelling knows how to best utilize a new location and how to bring out its scenic beauty in your pictures. The best thing about a travel photographer is that you are sure to get real-life pictures from a person that has an eye of perfection. Most couples book us primarily for my unique style of photography, and of course, I always guide them from my professional point.

If you are not in the photographs, do trust a professional Waterford wedding photographer who is unique in his approach and love to work and travel.