Reminiscing the Inseparable Bond Forever

They say that when two people are meant to be together, no matter what obstacles stand in their way, they will eventually come together. Yes! The meaning of ‘eternal romance’ outshines the wedding as a treasure. Weddings are unique occasions with unforgettable moments ranging from large, public ceremonies to small, intimate gatherings. You probably didn’t see a long list of details to attend to, decisions to make, or negotiations to engage in when you first imagined your wedding. Obviously, you and your partner were involved in your vision. Tenderness, sweet melodies, pure bliss, and romance were all present. After all, a wedding is a romantic occasion, marking the culmination of your everlasting love.


INFOKUS WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY aspires to retell the love story that is unfolding right in front of his eyes, to truly seek out the details that define the couple. We discover that the fact that we immersed ourselves in the story that is unfolding is what sets us apart from other members of this field. Your wedding photos give you the chance to tell a story. We understand how to anticipate and capture situations that elicit those unique emotions. When the day is done, photographs of the two of you looking at each other or simply being together will enhance your memories, telling the story of your love. And it’s these beautiful, brief but powerful moments that will leave the most lasting impressions on the heart.


In the midst of the whirlwind of activity and emotion on their wedding day, a glance, a quick kiss, or a sigh shared between the betrothed are spontaneous scenes that tend to happen quickly. They are private exchanges that express the bride and groom’s strong feelings for one another. They may go unnoticed by the guests, but not this  wedding photographer, i will be there capture that moment without anybody even seeing me take it.

Our portfolio demonstrates our ability to anticipate and capture such moments. These are moments with a lot of unspoken meaning. You don’t get another chance. Capturing these fleeting exchanges is an important event because they provide a very personal connection; a private expression of the couple’s feelings for one another on their wedding day. It can also reveal a lot about the wedding day as a whole. We are aware of this and are prepared to jump in when these opportunities arise.


When the bride and groom are alone together, quiet reflections often convey the most romance. There’s a special kind of energy between a loving couple that is both alive and ethereal, whether it’s that last minute in the wedding car before entering the reception or an impromptu walk outside to get some fresh air.

It takes a lot of skill to capture this kind of emotional connection, after 18 years of watching relationships at weddings i have become an expert at human observation. I am always well prepared to act and pull down that successful shot when a genuine heartfelt moment is exposed.

Between the bride and groom and us, there is a trusting relationship. When the couple has reached this level of comfort, they are free to express emotion, their love towards each other and engage in organically meaningful moments that will help build their love story.


Romantic moments can also occur when you’re simply having a good time. The weight of the day’s events can often be too much for a couple to bear. So, with a literal exhale and a loosening of inhibitions, you can easily add some magical footnotes to your wedding story.

It’s difficult to simply let go in front of family and friends. The embracing, the raw expressions of feelings… there’s an intimacy being created on this day, and you’re letting everyone in voluntarily. But that’s all the more reason to look for those lighthearted moments to help balance out the range of emotions you’re experiencing and express how much you’re loving this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

INFOKUS WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY in these situations want the couple to relax and enjoy themselves. We will just sit back and wait for things to happen naturally.


At the end of the day, we believe it’s all about expressing yourself. Everyone wants to stand out, but it’s also important to represent their relationship. You’ll be drawn back to that special day years from now when you look through your wedding photos and see those images of you and your sweetheart sharing moments of candid romance. The photographs, which capture those emotions, may become associated with your wedding and your marriage.

Every time we at INFOKUS WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY get to capture a couple’s love story, it reverberates and reaffirms our faith in love, and looking at these newlywed couples is unquestionably a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Please contact us as soon as possible if you require a wedding photographer. I am are skilled and experienced at capturing all of the important moments at weddings, and we’d be honoured to photograph your special day because at the end All because two people fell in love!