Photobooth FAQ’s

Q. How many prints do we get?
A. You have unlimited prints for the 3 hrs booked.
Q. Does it print images on the night/immediately?
A. The print comes out within seconds.
Q. Quality of photographs?
A. Our Mitsubishi Dye Sub Printer is a high quality printer, sending out dry prints within seconds.
Q. How big is the booth?
A. Oval Photo Booth Size: Height: 2.0 Meters Tall. Width: 1.3 Meters Wide. Length: 2.3 Meters Long.
Q. Where is the photo booth located?
A. We will discuss with your venue where is the best place to put your photo booth.
Q. Are props included?
A. Yes, we supply various props.
Q. How long will we be able to use the booth?
A. Our wedding package is for 3 hours, however if you would like something else please ask.
Q.  What size are the photos?
A. Photos can be a 4×6 inch photo or 2 2×6 inch photos like the traditional photobooth.
Q. Does the booth come with a trained assistant?
A. Yes the booth comes with 2 trained assistants who set up in 1 hr and help assist your guests for the following 3 hrs.
Q.  Can event info/details/image (logo) be printed on the photos?
A. Yes logos, names, dates or any form of text can be added to the photographs.
Q.  Charge for delivery/set up?
A. Outside Waterford there is a small surcharge for transport, please contact us for a quote.
Q.  Will we be able to view the photos online?
A. Yes, all your photos are saved to our computer and will be supplied to you after your wedding as digital copys.
Q.  Can the photo booth record video?
A. Yes, the photobooth records video messages that we supply to you after your wedding.
Q.  How does it work (instructions)?
A. It’s touch screen, you can change backgrounds, move from movie to images and send images to your email or Facebook also
Q.  Do we get digital copies of all the photos and movies?
A. Yes we will send you a downloadable link within 2 weeks of your wedding.
Q.  How long does it take to set up?
A. Set up time is 1 hour.
Q.  How does it look?
A. The photo booth is a Red VW camper van but can be customised to anything, the worlds your oyster.
Q.  Will we get a copy as well as our guests?
A. Yes you do, There is a couple of options here where will discuss what suits you best.
Q.  Do I need to pay a deposit?
A. Yes a €200 deposit is required to hold your date.
Q.  Who looks after the booth?
A. The photobooth is looked after by 2 staff who set it up and look after your guests.
Q.  Are black and white or sepia tones available?
A. Black and white is available.
Q.  Are the photos stored online?
A. If you like all your photos can be immediately sent to a private Facebook page for your guests to view.
Q.  Email/Facebook from booth?
A. Yes our photobooth has facilities to email or send to your Facebook account.
Q.  What is Greenscreen?
A. Green screen is the technology used to create a different background for a video or photography.
Q.  Accommodate an outdoor event?
A. Yes, if we have access to power and the wind is blocked from it.
Q.  Cost?
A. full costing is on our photobooth page.
Q.  How far in advance to book?
A. That’s up to you, however we cant hold a date without a €200 deposit.