My Philosophy on Your Wedding Day Photography

“Photography for me is not looking, it’s feeling. If you can’t feel what you’re looking at, then you’re never going to get others to feel anything when they look at your pictures.” This quote perfectly describes my photograph philosophy. A photograph is the tangible thing we have on our hand from the moment that has passed. When we look at images, we are transported into that time and are able to catch little glimpses of the events, people, the laughter, and memories that may have faded over time. Photographs help bring out those memories back into vivid focus.

As a professional wedding photographer, the philosophy behind photography has been understood. I realised that life is precious, people should see their cherished moments, time is fleeting, and that life’s big and small moments, should be captured with this in mind. Human beings are hopeless romantics who are appealed by simple elegance and natural beauty, and I try to capture your wedding day from that point of view. I prefer romantic and classic styles with an artistic twist to photography.

Read my Mind

My approach to wedding photography is dictated by the thought that your wedding is special and the most important thing about your wedding is you. Rest of all are secondary, including the photography. Yes, you read it right! What I feel is my job as your wedding photographer is to artistically capture the day as events unfold, to tell the true picture story of how beautiful and emotional your wedding day was. Finally, when you receive your photos, you’ll relive things that you remember. Moreover, you get to see parts of your wedding that you didn’t get a chance to experience to your busy schedule of the day.

Planning is What You Need   

Throughout my professional career, I have been a planner, a to-do list maker and that is why I stick to perfection. Wedding photograph is more about documentary than controlled commercial shoots. To make it happen, I often schedule meetings with my clients, to make sure that I understand their expectations from their wedding photographer, the details of events, and then make checklists for everything. A perfect planning will go a long way. So planning everything beforehand, some quick thinking and a good amount of common sense do the wonder in helping me ensure that I am where I need to be and not miss out on important moments.

I Love Happy Faces and Pretty Pictures

As much as weddings are about emotions, drama and a lot of affairs, I have to admit that my favourite kind of pictures are the ones that are happy, full of laughter and vivacious. Soft, backlit portraits will always have my heart over it, but my own taste and personality always tends to have me inclined towards the bright and happy faces!

Telling stories is what I do. From laughter and silliness to tears of emotions to cheerful moments of celebration, I am here to document all of the moments that narrate the story of your wedding day. While it may be a bit biased, it is nothing wrong in believing that photography is the most important investment on your wedding day. Your memories may fade with time but with photographs, it will help reliving those memories. I look forward to creating them with you. Let’s get your story told by your wedding photographer.