When two souls merge to become one, magic is in the air. The tale of your romantic life begins with this type of brief moment. What would you think if you were to relive this experience on the luckiest day of your life? A Kilkenny wedding photographer weaves these moments into a breathtaking narrative, preserving moments you will treasure for years.

I’m Keith, a Kilkenny-based wedding photographer. living in Waterford, I work all across Kilkenny. One of my favourite Irish cities is Kilkenny. Kilkenny has everything, from the lovely castle to the beautiful town to the stunning countryside. I often shoot weddings in Kilkenny at locations like The Lyrath Estate because I enjoy the atmosphere and travelling there from Waterford. One of my favourite wedding venues in Kilkenny is Lyrath Estate, where I have attended many weddings. The opulent house of Lyrath Estate emanates an old-world elegance.

My photography service is unique and unusual because I have developed specialisations in everything from portrait photography and fashion to corporate events over so many years as a professional wedding photographer. On your wedding day, I attempt to capture genuine moments that will convey your love story. I can help you remember your big day whether you desire elegant, dramatic, honest, or humorous photos.


Lyrath Estate Kilkenny Wedding Photography offers some breathtaking sights

The perfect wedding location is the Lyrath Estate Hotel, situated just outside bustling Kilkenny. It is spotlessly tidy, sophisticated, and very cosy. To create a luxury 5-star resort on 170 acres of beautiful green parks and historical gardens, Lyrath Estate Hotel’s heart is a gorgeous 17th-century residence that has been lovingly rebuilt and added to by a sequence of exquisite, contemporary sections. Any wedding, whether traditional or modern, would look fabulous at Lyrath Estate Hotel, a lovely fusion of old and new.

The Lyrath Estate Kilkenny Wedding is a unique experience, starting with your entry along the main road. Through the old Lyrath yew trees protected by preservation regulations to the original historic mansion, where you will greet your guests in the old world elegance and grandeur. With its rolling hills, serene lakes tended gardens, and unspoiled views, Lyrath Estate Hotel’s outdoor spaces make for the ideal backdrop for priceless wedding photographs. The friendly knowledge and dedication of the hotel’s committed wedding team ensure that every aspect of this crucial day is thoughtfully planned and flawlessly executed.

Nothing compares to displaying pictures that evoke memories, and having a picture-perfect wedding location like Kilkenny’s Lyrath Hotel is the icing on the cake. The Lyrath Estate Hotel, one of Kilkenny’s most 5star wedding venues, offers everything for your conventional or contemporary wedding. My photography style includes portraits, spontaneous shots, stunning silhouettes, and inventive lighting. If you want passionate, classic wedding photography that captivates and motivates viewers, get in touch with Lyrath Estate Kilkenny Wedding Photography. As a skilled and experienced wedding photographer, I would be delighted to photograph your special day by capturing all of the critical moments at The Lyrath Estate Kilkenny Wedding.

On the wedding day, INFOKUS WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY always advises the bride and groom to spend time together to discuss the day thus far and enjoy some special moments away from the crowd. There are several options available at Lyrath Estate for capturing wedding day memories. There is a magnificent scene around every bend. This is why I like this wedding location! My photography style includes portraits, candid shots, beautiful silhouettes, and creative lighting. The day of your wedding will be filled with romance, love, and laughter. Beautiful, vibrant, enjoyable, and documentary-style photographs will be taken to document your special moments.



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