Let Us Capture Your Silhouette Intimate Moments

Ever wonder why people are very much inclined to visual entertainment? From the Ancient opera to today’s high-tech movies, it makes sense that humans just love to watch and enjoy things. The fact that humans are 90% visuals, is backed by research and it also explains our fascination with the other popular form of visual entertainment, photography.

Photography has evolved over the time it came into existence. It has then diversified into many different types that produces different visuals. Photography has a serious meaning than just known for capturing something and is, in fact, more about crafting an enticing story. One of the unique genre is silhouette photography, which is more impactful than any other visuals. It has an alluring mystery that brings in a load of drama, highlighting the best elements.

To put simply, a silhouette is essentially the picture of an object against a light, resulting in a black outline and a featureless figure. It may appear very simple, but it unfolds a whole new story to the observer, leaving room for your imagination to add some details. A silhouette picture keeps everyone awestruck when it comes to wedding portrait. It is a piece of art by a photographer, his vision, creativity and his trick to play with light and shadow.

Wedding Silhouette Shots

Be it during a pre-wedding shoot, engagement or a destination wedding, there are always myriads of opportunities for a good silhouette picture. The candid wedding photographers love to shoot silhouettes when it comes to capturing the Irish wedding photography. I would recommend couples to add some silhouette shots to your wedding album because of the signature air of mystery it brings about.

Here are the a few important silhouette shots you must have in your wedding album:

Sunset Shot

From an exotic pre-wedding shoot, luxury wedding, beach wedding into something as simple as a small family wedding, a silhouette shot during the sunset is a favourite among my couples. Oh the lovely capture- the colours, the texture, the mood and the efficiency to compose pictures- all make a perfect shot! It’s something I would never let it go.

Getting Ready Shot

It is something that adds a new dimension to your wedding album. The getting ready shots on your wedding day are probably one of the most important moments from your special day. And what better way to make it special with a silhouette shot to present your ‘getting-ready’ look. Just sit back, relax and enjoy, while the magic is performed by your photographer.

The Tiny Couple Shot

This has been on trend to capture a ‘tiny couple’ picture. It is basically a picture depicting the location while aesthetically placing the couple in the picture. It is a kind of experiment with the objects and making it visually pleasing with a perfect tiny couple silhouette shot. This is a dream of a wedding photographer to be able to synchronise and execute the shot to perfection. Keep your trust on your wedding photographer and you will be amazed as what can be captured.

Abstract Shot

Some wedding photos need to be unique. For this a wedding photographer’s trick will do the wonder. They have many plans in their hat to create awesome pictures out of virtually nothing. All it takes is the ability to use the power of light and the patterns and voila! An amazing shot is ready for you.

Portraits / Close-up Shots

Needless to say, how dramatic your wedding album look when you have some silhouette portraits or close-ups. The best part of this is the amazing facial contours that give you a dreamlike feeling when looking the pictures. Simply enjoy the moment with your partner and let your wedding photographer capture the essence with his understanding!

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