How Lighting Elevate Your Wedding Photographs

I am always fascinated by the magic of a sunset. The golden lining that create a picture perfect effect with the hide-and-seek of light and shadow. Light has an important role on how your wedding photography will look. Different hues of light creates different moods in pictures. So if you love any image from my wedding photograph portfolio, it’s worth planning your photography around the light I have used. This way we can create images with a similar mood.

It’s worth noting that the pictures will be subject to the light and weather of your wedding day. And if you are having a winter wedding but have summer drenched images on mind, let me help you with what is achievable on your wedding day.

For Waterford Wedding, summer is the preferable time, since it remains warm and humid. The winters are very cold, wet, and windy. Overall it is partly cloudy year round. As a wedding photographer based in Waterford, I have acquired experience of playing with light and dark through my wedding photography.

Here’s a little info about different lighting conditions and how they are going to make or break your wedding photography.

Hard Light in Mid-Summer

Hard light is basically during the mid-summer with direct sunlight. Lots of couples wish for a bright day and sunshine on their wedding day, but you may not know, direct sunlight is a hindrance, unless you work creatively with it. Although you are embracing contrast and shadows, it is always better to wait a bit later in the day to shoot in softer light. The soft light that you get later in the day will produce more vibrant photos and softer shadows.

Golden Hour before Sunset

I often tell my wedding couples that it’s best to get photographed in the golden hour. It can be magical if you catch the right light. Because it is windy and cloudy in Waterford over the course of the year, when I get in the beautiful golden hour, I can’t help but get involved with my camera.  I would suggest if my couples can schedule a few moment of their portrait session to happen just before sunset, it will totally be worth to capture.

Dusk Light after Sunset

Dusk light is just after the sun has sunken below the horizon and you get beautifully golden rays of light that is diffused in all directions. To catch that perfect hues of light and shadow, I do it pretty faster because it gets darker from that point. I really like the softness of images that are captured by this time of day though.

Photography on Rainy Days

For the Waterford Weddings, your wedding photographer is well prepared to cover photographs when it’s raining or overcast. Honestly speaking, overcast light is the most flattering to shoot in. Being cloudy the sky turns dramatic and we are equipped with soft light to cover the photo-shoots.

As a professional wedding photographer I would recommend you brave the rain and we can create some dramatic and interesting portraits out of it.

Artificial Light

Sometimes natural light isn’t enough or fail to give the results you’re after.  In that case I will sometimes add my own lighting to get that desired portrait.

I ask my clients not to worry about the technical aspect of photograph in relation to your timings, as I can support you with everything that are needed to create marvellous wedding photography.

I hope this gives you a detailed information of different lighting situations and how a good wedding photography is all about lighting and effect.  If you have any query let me know and I would love to answer you all. Do check out my wedding portfolios.