Why Hire a Wedding Photographer

The wedding photographs taken on your big day will be some of the most cherished memories you have of the event. They will stay with your forever, and one day your great-grandchildren will be examining them and commenting on the style of the day.

They will always be there to remind you of special moments, of the tears of joy and the knowing smiles, and will be able to get you in that special mood every time you glance at them.

Because your wedding photos are so important, you need to take special care who is going to take them. Today, you can choose from literally thousands upon thousands of wedding photographers who offer their services, and you can certainly find someone who will be able to capture your day in the style you are looking for.

You may think that you can have a friend or several friends take these pictures for you. This, however, is not the best of ideas, and we will discuss why right away.

Why having a friend taking wedding photos is not the best idea

Of course, you can always ask some of your friends and guests to take pictures – even set them up with disposable cameras, like Monica and Chandler did in Friends, and see what they come up with. Some of these pictures can turn out great, but they should not be your primary focus, and you should also hire a pro to take the wedding photos.

First of all, your friend whom you ask to snap away will no longer be a guest – they will need to focus on the pictures, and not enjoy themselves, and that is not something you want to do even to the best of friends.

You may also think this is a great way to save some money, and it is. Many people now have pro-grade cameras, and some phone cameras can also take high quality images. However, this does not mean everyone is now a professional photographer. Someone who does wedding photography for a living will know more tricks than any of your enthusiastic friends. They will know how to deal with the guests and remain unobtrusive and melt into the crowd, without disrupting the wedding itself, and making themselves annoying.

They will also know how to make use of the lighting and the space where you are getting married. It can be difficult to take the right pictures in a semi-dark church, or in the full brightness of day. This is not something that an amateur can do, and even if some of the photos turn out great, there will be many others that are simply not up to the mark.

Don’t exclude your friends and family from the photo snapping – simply make sure there is a pro on the scene who will be able to capture the very best wedding photos, and help you take away wonderful memories of your big day.

How to choose a professional wedding photographer

There are several things to consider before you hire a photographer. Here is a short list to help you out:


As we’ve already mentioned above, there are many and more photography services available, and you need to hire a photographer who will best be able to capture your vision. This means that you should either look for someone who does precisely the type of photos you are looking for, or someone who has extensive experience, like us here at Infokus.

We can share in your vision and help you transfer it to the images you will ultimately walk away with. Wedding photography is our specialty, and we take great pride in all our wedding albums. What is so special about wedding photography is working with a large group of people, and making yourself blend in and not bother the celebration. That is something we excel at, and your guests will not be bother by our presence.


The best way to judge if a wedding photographer is right for you is by their portfolio. You can often check these out on the site of the photographer you are looking into, and ask them to see more pictures when you meet in person. If you like someone’s style, but it is not precisely what you are looking for, don’t be discouraged, as they can likely adapt their feel to your vision, and help you get just what you want.

Browse through some of our own wedding albums and get a feel of the type of work we do.


Once you do settle on a photographer, you need to sit down with them and make sure you are on the same page. Organize a meeting and feel free to ask any questions you may have. Discuss the style, the venue, the dress, the number of guests and the general atmosphere you are looking for. If you feel you need to, organize a pre-wedding shoot, and see how that goes.

Also make sure you listen to the ideas the photographer has – after all, they likely have extensive experience, and can offer valuable insight into the best way to capture your vision and immortalize your wedding day.

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One of the most important things to explore is if the photographer and both of you, the bride and groom, can work together well. You need to be able to trust this person and allow them to take photos of you all day. Many people hate being photographed, and having it done by someone pleasant whom they like can go a long way. Even if you like someone’s portfolio, but you don’t like the person, rather go for someone else.

We do hope these tips have helped you make your choice and go for a professional wedding photographer. Your wedding day should be one of the most special days of your life, and the photos will always be there to help you remember that, and help you capture the heart and soul of your wonderful relationship, and pass it on to future generations. Check out the Infokus offer, and contact us to discuss details!

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