Franc’s D.I.Y Brides Testimonial of Infokus Photography

When we first met Keith in his Photography Studio the first thing that struck us was the professional lay out and the fantastic welcome that we received, with a complimentary glass of wine Keith, explained how he was going to give us a wedding album that we would be proud of. It was the first time that it really came home to us, this is it we are really getting married. we were shown a variety of possible lay outs and types of pictures that he would take. He gave us as much time as we needed to make our decisions and we were made to feel that we were the most important people in Ireland.

On the day that we were married Keith was a model of professionalism, from his immaculate suit to the way he conducted himself when trying to get all the pictures that he needed, which couldn’t have been easy because he also had to accommodate a full camera crew who were filming us for a TV programme (Franc’s D.I.Y Brides). Although it must have been frustrating for him at times because we’re sure that he could have done with more of our attention, he never showed it and was always ready to capture that perfect moment when ever or where ever that occurred and boy did he capture some beautiful memories. When he did have us to himself for some posed photos he was fantastic in communicating exactly what he wanted us to do and everything went so smoothly it was effortless on our part, the rest of the day he moved among our guests capturing some fantastic shots both posed and natural and the mix was spot on.

There were a lot of children involved in the day and Keith managed to get them all to cooperate with him to get some fantastic happy shots, he was unobtrusive and blended in perfectly on a very hectic day and even though we also had to work with the camera crew, he still put together the most romantic collection of photos, much better than we ever could have hoped for.

Deciding on which photos that we wanted to be included in our album was the most difficult part of the whole experience because they were all so brilliant but with Keith’s patient encouragement and expertise we selected a varied selection of pictures and then Keith worked his magic to create a story book style that perfectly told the story of our most romantic day.

From our experience of having Keith share our special day, It’s our opinion that this is more than just a job to Keith, its more like a vocation to him, although we only met him for the first time just before our wedding, it was like we had known him all our lives and now see him as a friend for life.

We would definitely recommend Infokus to any couple who want the perfect wedding album to compliment their perfect day.

Michael & Melissa Morrissey, Tramore (Franc’s D.I.Y Brides)

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