Fairytale Weddings at Waterford Castle

Both historic and classic, Waterford City is the oldest city of Ireland and a great choice for wedding couples looking to celebrate their Big Day in style. A range of Waterford wedding hotels offer couples and their guests a sophisticated choice of venue sizes, beautiful settings and delicious food perfect for your wedding. Plus, the sunsets and skylines offer excellent opportunities for glorious photos to capture your special day!

Castle Weddings

At this stunning location, your fairytale wedding will become an absolute reality. Waterford castle, located just over the River Suir, is a sight to behold. Perfect for large scale weddings and intimate elopements alike, this picturesque location adds fantasy to your fairytale Waterford Wedding.

The Castle boasts excellence in terms of a wedding location. This 16th Century Castle has a legacy of its own and is a pure delight to photography. The Castle becomes yours exclusively for your special day, with large rooms and suites available for you and your wedding guests. If you are dreaming of something fancy or old-world sophistication on your wedding day then the Waterford Castle is well worth considering.

The decor is quite exquisite and spacious all while maintaining the history within. The suites make an ideal place for the bridal party to get ready, and from a photographic point of view, these rooms are excellent with beautiful light and space. There are also extensive numbers of private lodges around the castle for your guests to accommodate up to 100 guests right there on this island. There are a wealth of things to do on this island that are an added bonus- the groomsmen can go clay pigeon shooting or the guests can enjoy golf and take a walk at the clubhouse the night prior or early that day as the lucky groom eagerly awaits the special day ahead.

Breathtaking Venues

Boasting the perfect mix of beautiful coastline, charming towns and a generous helping of sunshine, Waterford is the sunny South East, Waterford weddings offer something special for the most important day of your lives. A range of stunning country houses and hotels with gorgeous gardens for those all-important wedding photos mean an excellent choice of stunning and romantic wedding venue in Waterford.

Waterford Castle is a place filled with some outstanding backdrops. Close your eyes and imagine yourselves standing in front of a classic antiquated window decorated with old metal bolts. Splendid!! Let the breathtaking collection of original paintings from the 16th century be the background and you got some picture-perfect click with an antique touch.

These are not enough. The glass ceiling in the conservatory gives you a chance to awe in wonder looking at the stars during the night time and their twinkling light envelops your silhouettes in a warm embrace. This will surely take your fairytale Waterford Wedding to next level.

Fleeting Moments Photography

Waterford wedding photographers appreciate the beauty of the place with awesome antiques mixed with wood and stone will compliment your wedding attire. All this brings the warmth to your wedding photography. The exterior of the castle looks very rustic- the stone covered with green leaves winding around windows and skylights. Gargoyles standing on the roof show the mythological angle, making it even more perfect for wedding photography. If you plan to have your wedding on the ‘season of fall’, then the scenery of Waterford Castle is sure to satisfy you. Let an experienced wedding photographer Waterford capture the essence of this amazing venue and help you seize your deepest wedding desires.