Choose your Pick- Candid or Traditional Photography

Needless to say couples splurge on there wedding photography for their wedding day! It is because the pictures will remain with you forever. A perfect shot- easier said than done, but if you trust your wedding photographer to capture natural, candid moments, your satisfaction will radiate confidence in your wedding photos.  After all, this is the happiest day of your life. Explore the best, let yourself have ‘fun with  your wedding photos’, and your wedding photographer will get the most amazing wedding photos in doing so.

Staying the Moment- Candid or Traditional

Wedding photography is a witness of joy that speaks to the heart. Those never-fading memories that let us cherish the day as many times as we want. So, we all should have a well aware choice to pick from when it comes to your wedding photography. Whatever, style of photography it might be but the basic choice lies in whether we want our photographers to click candid moments or we want well defined posed pictures of our wedding. Candid wedding photographers do not direct the people in the photos to give a particular pose, whereas; in traditional photography, photographers guide you with specific poses so that they can take the best shots. The madness and mayhem of the wedding day- all captured as it goes. Let us take a sneak peak of how the styles work wonders in your wedding album.

Candid Wedding PhotographyEmotion is the main focus of candid photography. For example, when a bride walks down the aisle with a mixed emotion in her heart, when captured by the lenses of a candid photographer makes a perfect photo to cherish. The emphasis of candid photographers is not only at the ceremony, but also on the emotions of the guests involved in the ceremony. Here the people are captured naturally, without the photographer letting them know, so their real emotions are captured – and those emotions tell a real story, there is no hiding the raw emotion inside someone. The natural poses of the people are not altered by your wedding photographer. A photographers knowledge of how to best capture natural light of the whole wedding venue is very important to get best candid shots.

Traditional Wedding Photography

‘Being traditional never goes out of fashion’. Yes, the same can be stated in terms of  wedding photography. Traditional wedding photography involves taking pictures of couples and other guests at the wedding by setting up poses or by taking simple images of the events. The photographer will instruct you how to sit, look up at the camera, stand against a specific backdrop or pose in group pictures. This style may be criticised as staged by photo critics, but traditional photography has a legacy of its own. You would recognise this style when you look at the wedding albums of your parents. Fixed poses and eye level of individuals on the wedding images.

What Should I Choose? Candid Vs Traditional Wedding Photography

Check the wedding photography packages at Infokus Wedding Photography and let us provide the very best of candid wedding photography with the hope of unearthing something beautiful, unique, and rare from your wedding day. I find standing back and soaking into someones wedding day lets me create real moments and tell real wedding stories

Whatever the style you pick, there is always a great photographer who spend his life training to be the best at what they do. They call our attention to the things we don’t want to miss and make it a treasure to cherish from one generation to another. A photograph adds more value the older it is and will tell a story to the many generations looking at it. I would love to be your wedding photographer and capture your special day.