Bridesmaids Makeup – By Dawn of glamour by Dawn

So many brides ask me is it common for the bridesmaids makeup to be a certain way on the day, also alot think that just because the bridesmaids dresses are purple or pink  that the eyeshadow that the bridesmaids should be the same aswell.  That is definately not the case, in all cases of makeup – you choose colours to enhance the eyes.  If you want to go for smoky look, then that’s fine but make sure it suits.

Gone are the days that the bride dictates what way the bridesmaids should wear their hair and makeup, in a way that isn’t the best. (which of course would make the bride shine more?) Yes the Bridesmaids to look good too.  At the end of the day, the Bride is the most important on the day and it would take a lot to take any attention away from her.

Sometimes depending on dress colour and type, a smoky eye or a red lip looks lovely on bridesmaids.  It’s nice to keep it a little bit different to the Bride – I always treat each bridesmaid different, as each face is different.  A smoky eye or a sculpted eye look might suit some girls in the bridal party, but for others it may not or they may not like it, so always be sure that if you are going for a certain look that everyone is comfortable with it.

Bridesmaids makeup should never be too harsh or dark, makeup should be kept, fresh and modern, and again be careful of too much shine or shimmer.

As with the Bride, Bridesmaids should keep some translucent powder or blotting paper at hand throughout the day and a top up of lippy.  That of course is if you get the time,  as always – the Bride comes first J

By Dawn of glamour by Dawn xx

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