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Wedding Photography

The Journey of Love with a Wexford Wedding Photographer

I have had the pleasure of capturing the celebration of love for almost 2 decades now. Zooming to the latter part of 2021, I am here to shout about and celebrate a long period of photographing weddings, and earning accreditations as a natural wedding photographer. Throughout these years I have been working with the most...

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Traditional Photography

Choose your Pick- Candid or Traditional Photography

Needless to say couples splurge on there wedding photography for their wedding day! It is because the pictures will remain with you forever. A perfect shot- easier said than done, but if you trust your wedding photographer to capture natural, candid moments, your satisfaction will radiate confidence in your wedding photos.  After all, this is...

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Wexford Wedding

Let Us Capture Your Silhouette Intimate Moments

Ever wonder why people are very much inclined to visual entertainment? From the Ancient opera to today’s high-tech movies, it makes sense that humans just love to watch and enjoy things. The fact that humans are 90% visuals, is backed by research and it also explains our fascination with the other popular form of visual...

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Wedding Photography Tipperary

What is Your Personal Photography Style?

You may think there’s only one type of photography out there. Well, nope. To let you know, there are plenty different types of photography out there with varying subject matter, different personal techniques and equipment. It is almost a limitless complex. “Only photograph what you love” In the words of Tim Walker, photographers must expand...

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wedding photography

My Philosophy on Your Wedding Day Photography

“Photography for me is not looking, it’s feeling. If you can’t feel what you’re looking at, then you’re never going to get others to feel anything when they look at your pictures.” This quote perfectly describes my photograph philosophy. A photograph is the tangible thing we have on our hand from the moment that has...

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Wedding Day Waterford

Sincerely In Love with Travel and Photography

Have you ever wondered how explorers fell in love with travelling in the first place? For me, it is one specific life-changing experience that adds a spark of love affair with traveling world and exploring the art of photography. However cliché it may sounds, travelling is something that motivates me, and the trips I took...

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Wedding Photographs

How Lighting Elevate Your Wedding Photographs

I am always fascinated by the magic of a sunset. The golden lining that create a picture perfect effect with the hide-and-seek of light and shadow. Light has an important role on how your wedding photography will look. Different hues of light creates different moods in pictures. So if you love any image from my...

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Weddings at Waterford

Fairytale Weddings at Waterford Castle

Both historic and classic, Waterford City is the oldest city of Ireland and a great choice for wedding couples looking to celebrate their Big Day in style. A range of Waterford wedding hotels offer couples and their guests a sophisticated choice of venue sizes, beautiful settings and delicious food perfect for your wedding. Plus, the...

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Wedding Makeup Tips and Tricks by Top Makeup Artist Yvonne Maher

In this month’s blog, makeup artist Yvonne Maher has provided some killer makeup tips and tricks which will help prepare you for your wedding day photo-shoot. Because let’s admit it, your wedding day makeup needs to be on point. Whether you are looking to embrace some of the latest makeup trends and emulate a runway...

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Why Hire a Wedding Photographer

The wedding photographs taken on your big day will be some of the most cherished memories you have of the event. They will stay with your forever, and one day your great-grandchildren will be examining them and commenting on the style of the day. They will always be there to remind you of special moments,...

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Wedding Photographer Waterford

Getting Married in Ireland – Civil Weddings vs.Traditional Weddings

Getting married in Ireland these days has changed dramatically, especially looking back over the last 2 years or so. Trends are definitely changing, taking us away from the more traditional weddings format. In my opinion, this is due in no small part to the introduction of civil weddings in Ireland. This has given rise to...

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Hints and Tips for Choosing Your Wedding Photographer

  As a wedding photographer, I shoot lots of weddings every year, mainly in Waterford, Wexford, and Kilkenny, but I’ve also shot in the UK and was last year commissioned to shoot a wedding in Tuscany, Italy. Needless to say, every wedding I shoot has a very different brief and subsequently, the weddings have a...

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