As long established specialists in Wedding Photography, we at Infokus understand the demands on you in the planning for your wedding day. Our wedding packages are expressly designed with your specific needs as our priority. We have set a precedent for you, our client to provide you with a top quality, affordable service.




We at Infokus are very familiar with the many decisions couples are faced with when planning, what is arguably, the most important day of their lives,

'Their Wedding Day'

Our recent ‘Couples 2 Be’ survey highlighted three key components to consider when choosing a wedding photographer;

REALISTIC COSTS – Sensible, Realistic Costs, Appropriate For Today

FLEXIBLE PACKAGES – Provision for Couple’s to Customise their own Package

CREATIVITY & ARTISTRY – Ability of Professional Photographer



Our base package provides everything you need for your wedding day!


Your Professional Photographer:

For the past twelve years Keith Sullivan has dedicated his working life to creating some of the most imaginative wedding storybooks that have been seen in Ireland. Having recently proposed, now engaged and now planning his own wedding, Keith plans this year to bring even more creative thinking to wedding photography.


Your Wedding-day Coordinator:

Sandra Mills, an unrivalled asset to any wedding, sometimes referred to as the “professional bridesmaid” or “stage manager” is available to you from the word go on your wedding day, advising, coordinating and essentially ensuring that Keith’s day flows unobtrusively, assisting him capture every element of the day in a storybook fashion.




In Pursuit of Perfection:

We aim for perfection and to ensure we achieve it, as well as taking note of every detail you impart to us in the run up to your wedding day - from the time you commence your relationship with InfoKus, till the end of our involvement - we like to spend at least one half day with you going over every detail, one week before your wedding.


This process, we find, provides you with an uninterrupted time-space to focus exclusively on your wedding, devoid of any interruption and ensures us, we have everything we need, including any last minute changes, to allow you pursue and achieve an exclusively, creative and accurate record of the most important day of your live.


3. Personal Online Gallery

Personal online gallery to your 300 wedding photographs:

Your private online gallery hosting the complete storybook of your wedding, approximately three hundred photographs, will be available to you, allowing you the opportunity to view the complete record of your wedding day, from anywhere and at any time.


You can also provide a link to numerous members of your family and friends wherever in the world.









4. Prints & Memory Key

300 Prints - Personalised Box & Printable Memory Key:

Deposited in a personalised, charmingly designed presentation case is your own USB memory stick hosting a complete high resolution copy of your wedding day. Three hundred high resolution images are stored here, ready to be accessed by you for the purposes of designing your own alternative album or for compiling and distributing as framed wedding gifts.


In addition to this we professionally print your 300 photos of your wedding day and present them in a beautiful presentation box, personalised with your photo and wedding details. These 6x4 inch photographs are intended to help you layout your album, these prints are yours to keep either way and are ideal for making your own secondary album if you choose.




You may also customise your wedding package with a number of additional add-ons.

Please see the following options available to you.

The Principle Wedding Album

Showcase Photographic Storybook of Your Wedding


In times to come, your Principle Wedding Album (approx. eighty pages) will probably become the most important and most viewed record of your wedding day. We fully understand this and because of this, we, your professional wedding photographers, allot considerable time to choosing the flow and highlights of what is essentially, a photographic storybook echoing the most important day of your life.


It is not simply a case of choosing the best quality photographs. We believe that regardless of time, the album should evoke, whenever you decide to view it, be it one month, one year a ten years after the event, emotions of joy, love and contentment. Rest assured we consult with you at every turn as we develop the album, it is after all, ‘YOUR WEDDING STORYBOOK’. 






Bellissimo Perfetto Album can be fully customised to suit. From the paper, to the cover with a variety of finishing touches and options that help you personalize both presentation and packaging.

With budgets to suit, the album is available in the wide range of sizes.