Wedding Makeup Tips and Tricks by Top Makeup Artist Yvonne Maher

In this month’s blog, makeup artist Yvonne Maher has provided some killer makeup tips and tricks which will help prepare you for your wedding day photo-shoot. Because let’s admit it, your wedding day makeup needs to be on point. Whether you are looking to embrace some of the latest makeup trends and emulate a runway look, or are looking for something more sophisticated and timeless, there are certain key points to bear in mind, whichever style you are going to emulate.

Bridesmaids Makeup – By Dawn of glamour by Dawn

Bridesmaids Makeup – By Dawn of glamour by Dawn So many brides ask me is it common for the bridesmaids makeup to be a certain way on the day, also alot think that just because the bridesmaids dresses are purple or pink  that the eyeshadow that the bridesmaids should be the same aswell.  That is definately not the case, in all cases of makeup – you choose colours to enhance the eyes.  If you want to go for smoky look, then that’s fine but make sure it suits.

Waterford Nutritionist Jemma Kehoe is welcomed to Infokus studios monthly blog

Jemma Kehoe, Nutritionist. Hello all and welcome to the first instalment of my monthly food and nutrition updates. A huge thank you to the talented photographer that is Keith for inviting me into his cyber world! I’m delighted to be involved and I truly hope that you will find my pieces helpful and of interest. Firstly, allow me to introduce myself. I am Jemma Kehoe, a nutritionist born and bred in Waterford. I have huge adoration for food and always have done! My mother tells me that I spent most of childhood mealtimes asking her “What’s this Mummy? Is it good for me? Where did it come from?” Now don’t get me wrong, I was certainly no different from any other typical fussy child who didn’t even want greens on the plate,

Glamour By Dawn, Make up artist Kilkenny is now writing monthly blog for Infokus

Another new year, another new long list of happy Bride and Grooms to be organising and planning the most memorable day of their lives. Thanks to Keith for asking me to do some guest articles on his blog, so I shall be writing each month about various topics in the beauty side of things. So to briefly introduce myself, I am Dawn of Glamour By Dawn and I am makeup artist in all fields but specialise is Bridal and consider it my passion and love! I am based in Kilkenny but being a Cork native I also travel down and back an awful lot so have the pleasure of not only having South East Brides but also lovely Munster ladies too. I have also had the pleasure of working on weddings with Keith and have always been incredibly in awe of his beautiful wedding photography. So when he asked me to feature in his blog, I could not resist! Indeed if there is anything that you would like to see on the Glamour By Dawn blog, all ideas are welcome – my aim is to provide an informative read for those in the midst of planning their big day. But […]

Yvonne Maher, make up artist to top Irish models and celebrities shares a few make up tips to help you choose the right look for you for your portrait.

        Yvonne Maher, make up artist to top Irish models and celebrities shares a few make up tips to help you choose the right look for you for your portrait. First things first, you need to decide what type of a look you want to achieve. Do you want a natural day time look? Or would you like a stronger more dramatic look?