Colm Morrissey Hair Salon 10th Anniversary Photoshoot

Colm Morrissey Hair Salon 10th Anniversary Photoshoot We were delighted recently to be approached by Colm Morrissey Hair Salon, in Tramore, Co. Waterford to create an image that would become the branding of his 10 year anniversary in business. During the course of our brain storming session’s creative ideas flowed (almost as freely the beer and wine!!). As our focus was on a very special anniversary celebration we concluded that the best theme to use was the TIME THEME…the passage of time from 10 years ago to today. Theme selected, date set, Infokus Studios became a hive of activity, Carnival Central. On board for this gala event were hairdressers, make-up artist and Colm Morrissey Hair Salon own in-housed staff/models. As part of this photo shoot we decided to incorporate a video of all the activities in the studio on the day. What a good decision this was! The video encapsulates the fun and excitement that echoed through the studio, the smiling, happy faces of a group people interacting like friends at a get together. During the shoot, we took the liberty of creative licence and bent the rules just a bit. We modelled our passage of time theme slightly further back […]

Franc’s D.I.Y Brides Testimonial of Infokus Photography

When we first met Keith in his Photography Studio the first thing that struck us was the professional lay out and the fantastic welcome that we received, with a complimentary glass of wine Keith explained how he was going to give us a wedding album that we would be proud of. it was the first time that it really came home to us, this is it we are really getting married. we were shown a variety of possible lay outs and types of pictures that he would take. He gave us as much time as we needed to make our decisions and we were made to feel that we were the most important people in Ireland. On the day that we were married Keith was a model of professionalism, from his immaculate suit to the way he conducted himself when trying to get all the pictures that he needed, which couldn’t have been easy because he also had to accommodate a full camera crew who were filming us for a TV programme (Franc’s D.I.Y Brides). Although it must have been frustrating for him at times because we’re sure that he could have done with more of our attention, he never […]