Testimonial of Waterford Wedding photographer – Woodland Hotel Wedding

We asked Keith to do our wedding photography for our wedding because we were looking for a modern twist combined with style. We knew Keith could provide this for us. To say he was a pleasure to work with from start to finish is an understatement. Not only was he totally professional but he introduced fun and a calming atmosphere from our very first meeting right through to and on our wedding day.

Least & Most Contaminated Foods by Waterford Nutritionist Jemma Kehoe

If you can afford to buy some of your weekly shopping as organic produce there is a guide to help you decide where to spend your money. Unfortunately some fruits and veggies use more pesticides while they are being grown than others which are listed below. These are best bought organic if at all possible. Also, there are some which tend to be less contaminated so you can get more broccoli for your buck and buy non-organic! The clean fifteen are also listed below. A very handy little guide is available online which is printable and credit card sized which you can pop in your purse and keep for reference whilst shopping. I have attached the link to it below. http://www.ewg.org/foodnews/ Most Contaminated Foods – The Dirty Dozen!! These foods contain higher levels of harmful chemicals and therefore non organic versions should be avoided where possible: 1.       Nectarines 2.       Celery 3.       Pears 4.       Peaches 5.       Apples 6.       Cherries 7.       Strawberries 8.       Grapes 9.       Spinach 10.   Potatoes 11.   Bell Peppers 12.   Raspberries Least Contaminated Fruits and Vegetables –The Clean Fifteen! These are the foods that require least spraying or have hard protective layers. If you cannot buy all organic produce then […]