THE PERFECT NAILS by Dawn of glamour by Dawn

The perfect nails by Dawn of glamour by Dawn So on our big day we accessorize everything.  Our shoes, earrings, hair and makeup not to mention the dress.   But as people will love to have a look at the new ‘bling’ that will be rocking on your fingers, it is also important to have lovely manicured nails.  Anyone that knows me knows that I am HUGE fan of my nails been done and have rocked a French set of acrylics for about 7 years now… Artificial nails have been a popular trend since the early 1990’s and are continuously increasing in popularity. 

Weaning Baby: When, how and what! By Waterford Nutritionist Jemma Kehoe

When my 2 beautiful daughters were placed in my arms 6 months ago, I knew beyond any doubt that I wanted to nourish them to the best of my ability. Luckily, my career as a nutritionist has given me a bit of a helping hand in terms of knowing what constitutes health food but when it came to introducing wholesome nosh for my little ones, I had to put on my thinking cap. Weaning – so many questions come to mind before you’ve even bought your first feeding spoon; what makes good baby food? When should I start? How much food do I offer my baby at first?