Spring makeup by Dawn of glamour by Dawn

Spring Makeup by Dawn of glamour by Dawn So with Spring upon us and lately we have been graced with some fantastic weather.  Not sure how long it is gonna last (knowing Ireland, about 5 mins) but we sure will make the most of it.  Although it’s not very hot it is still important to protect ourselves so be sure that when wearing makeup that you have some with a little SPF it.  Or mix a very light SPF with some of your primer before putting foundation on.  If not using foundation, just apply some bronzer around the frame of your face and a little under the cheekbones just to warm up the skin and bring a little of it done along

“What are probiotics?” By Waterford Nutritionist Jemma Kehoe

“What are probiotics?” We are bombarded everyday with TV ads and newspaper articles telling us about the latest new products that are going to have us bouncing with energy and feeling on top of the world, but it can often be difficult to wade through the buzzwords and jargon du jour! So this month I thought it might be helpful to answer a question I get asked very often – “What are probiotics?” Probiotics is an umbrella term for the beneficial bacteria that live within our digestive systems. The word probiotic is taken from the Greek word meaning “for life” and our gut can contain up to 1 kg of these clever little fellows. “What are probiotics?” “Who should take probiotics?”