Hints and Tips for Choosing Your Wedding Photographer

Hints and Tips for Choosing Your Wedding Photographer As a wedding photographer I shoot lots of weddings every year mainly in Waterford, Wexford and Kilkenny but I’ve also shot in the UK and last year, was commissioned to shoot a wedding in Tuscany, Italy. Needless to say, every wedding I shoot has a very different brief and subsequently the weddings have a varied and diverse range of vibes. It is therefore imperative that each album I create can mirror and represent the unique memories of each special day with a photographic style that embraces the ambience of the location and personality of the guests.

Fantasy portrait by Waterford portrait photographer Keith Sullivan, Infokus Studios

Fantasy portrait by Waterford portrait photographer Keith Sullivan, Infokus Studios. Check out our latest shoot for the Infokus fantasy portrait range. Like lots of teenage boys, Paddy has a passion for outdoor sports and regularly spends hours practicing tricks on his BMX. As a portrait photographer, I love it when I get an exciting commission like this one that allows me to try something different. To mark his 13th birthday, Paddy’s father wanted us to create a photograph that was different and dynamic but still contained qualities of a traditional portrait. I discussed Idea’s with Paddy and his Dad and we decided that Paddy would perform some tricks on his BMX that we could shot in the studio before being transformed into his fantasy portrait. It was inspiring to sit down with a 13 year old boy and hear the passion he has for his BMX. He also told me about his Trial Bike ( motor bike for a scrambling course) but I had to stop him there as that wasn’t going to fit in the lift to get up to the studio!! On the day of the shoot, Paddy and I worked together to capture some action shots with […]

Baby photography @ Infokus Waterford, Ciara &Tony’s testimonial

Getting your photograph taken when you have kids can be a bit of a nasty experience as anybody with kids will tell you. That is why when i was nearing nine months pregnant and equipped with a 2 year old Son and boyfriend you can appreciate I was nervous to say the least. I would like to say that my Son behaved impeccably but he was a total nightmare as most 2 year olds can be in this environment.